A 46 years old female with non medical pre-existing condition was referred for implant management in tooth 11 due to a non-restorable root fracture. A immediate implant was placed in palatal position.

1. The gap between bucal plate and the implant surface filled with novabone Morsels to preserve the dimensions of the ridge and the profile of the soft tissue.

2. A 3 mm healing cap was used to sal the socket

3. Vestibular view

4. The soft tissue profile was managemed using a temporary crown

5. Vestibular view

6. The case for final restoration three years after the implant was placed

*Case Courtesy: Oscar Ramón. Columbia
Dental Degree - National University of Colombia.
Specialist in Audiovisual Pedagogy - El Bosque University.
Master in Comprehensive Adult Dentistry (Prosthodontics-Periodontics) - University of Antioquia.
Associate Professor Faculty of Dentistry - University of Antioquia.
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