Dental Putty revolutionized bone grafting with its proven ability to accelerate bone formation and a unique cartridge delivery system that allows easier manipulation.

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Next generation synthetic bone graft, engineered with interconnected macro-porosity to facilitate quicker bone integration and remodeling.

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NovaPlug and NovaTape are resorbable collagen wound dressings designed to absorb blood or fluids and protect the site for optimal regeneration.

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<p>20 Years Experience in Osteobiologic Products</p>
<p>2 Hundred Clinical and Scientific Publications</p>
<p>20 Million Devices Used in Various Clinical Applications</p>


Our bone graft product line uses a robust patented technology that triggers an engineered cellular response supercharging bone regeneration

Smart Science™ Osteostimulation

Unlike other synthetic grafts that are bioinert, NovaBone Putty belongs to the class of bioactive regenerative materials that not only acts as an osteoconductive scaffold but also interacts with the surrounding tissues and imparts an osteostimulatory effect. Osteostimulation is an active process, NovaBone particles act as a bone matrix and encourage differentiation of new bone cells at the site, resulting in a controlled resorption rate and faster bone regeneration.


NovaBone Putty bone growing capability has been histologically evaluated in various clinical publications. A representative sample of histology taken from a human patient four months post-operatively demonstrates the histological interpretation of the Osteostimulation Principle. A) CPS particle, B) Osteoid tissue, C) Mature bone with osteocytes, and D) Bone growth from within the NovaBone particle (Note: NovaBone particle is non-porous)

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Success stories from doctors around the world


We develop products that offer significant innovation using best-in-class components to deliver predictable surgical outcomes


NovaBone's resorbable bioactive synthetic and collagen formulations optimize osteogenesis, signal and stimulate osteoblastic activity, and offer angiogenic potential. The technology has proven to out-perform traditional calcium sulfate-based synthetic products and demineralized bone matrix products


NovaBone Products manufactures novel synthetic bone grafting materials proven to signal the body’s genetic pathways to build healthy bone fast (1). NovaBone bone graft substitutes control the osteoblast cycle to favor proliferation and differentiation of bone-forming cells(2)


Unlike other synthetic grafts that are bioinert, NovaBone bone grafts belong to the class of bioactive regenerative materials that not only acts as an osteoconductive scaffold but also interacts with the surrounding tissues and imparts an Osteostimulatory effect(3)


NovaBone offers the industry first and only bone graft substitute dispensed in a single dose, ready to use cartridges. NovaBone Dental Putty is the only graft material in the world that simplify the delivery of graft into the defect


NovaBone’s unique resorbable bioactive bone graft substitutes and collagen wound dressings are engineered for enhancing handling and improved performance on each specific clinical indication to meet the demanding dental surgeon's needs


NovaBone's bone graft substitutes and collagen matrix devices have been used for nearly two decades in millions of clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of our technology. Made in the U.S.A.

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