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Novabone Dental

NovaBone Dental Putty represents the next generation of bone graft substitutes and it’s the preferred choice of clinicians worldwide for minimally invasive sinus augmentation.

  • Over 100,000 Crestal Sinus Lifts
  • Unique Cartridge System facilitates precise delivery and enables hydraulic membrane lift with high predictability
  • Engineered for enhanced handling
  • Osteoconductive & Osteostimulative
  • Radio-dense. Visible on radiographs

Success Stories from doctors around the world

We have been working on peri-implant regeneration for years and we have found that osteoconductive biomaterials are not consistently adequate for regeneration in these challenging situations. Our preclinical findings of the use of calcium phosphosilicate morsels have shown that the osteostimulative properties of this graft can vastly increase the attachment of osteoblasts on implant surfaces making it a great fit for peri-implantitis surgery

Dr. George Kotsakis, DDS, MS – Associate Professor, Department of Periodontics, UTHSCSA

Four years ago, I got introduced to NovaBone and I am a happy and frequent user ever since. NovaBone is widely accepted by all of my patients because it is completely synthetic. It is very easy to use because of the cartridge system and because of its particle distribution size, it reduces the risk of tearing the Schneiderian membrane giving great results and happy patients!

Dr. Maarten Boogaard, Private Practice, Amstelveen, Netherlands

The sheer convenience of the NovaBone cartridge system for augmentations makes it a winner. I've used NovaBone putty for hundreds of crestal sinus lifts over the years. Irrespective of the technique, be it, an osteotome, crestal drills, piezo or Densah® drill, the results are consistent.

Udatta Kher, MDS (Oral Surgery), Private Practice, Mumbai, India

NovaBone provides an ideal environment for bone formation by acting as a very stable but also temporary scaffold in a variety of clinical applications, which is later absorbed and replaced with additional vital bone, maximizing tissue quality and function.

Dr. Rodrigo Neiva, DDS, MS, Chair (Periodontics) Univ. Pennsylvania, USA

I have been using NovaBone both in putty and morsel form for several years in sockets, sinuses (direct and indirect), immediate implants, and GBR procedures. The results have been excellent clinically and histologically and the material has performed consistently well.

Dr. Lanka Mahesh, Private Practice, New Delhi, India

I have been using NovaBone putty for over 5 years as an adjunct for Partial Extraction Therapy (PET) and Crestal Sinus Grafting procedures as the cartridge system facilitates precise graft delivery and enables the hydraulic lift of the Schneiderian membrane.

Maurice A. Salama, DMD (Perio/Ortho), Atlanta, GA.